About us

The Company

The company ARMOS CHARTIKA SA was founded in Larissa in 1997, following a tradition in the converting of paper since 1986. Today this tradition continues, whilst strengthening and developing in compliance with the requirement for a useful and helpful product.

The company’s areas of expertise range from the production of rolls to the production of forms and of industrial labels, covering in this manner a wide variety of needs of any business or organization.

Products of our company are rolls which are used in cash registers, rolls for ATMs & POS, plotters and faxes, xerographic rolls, queuing rolls, betting and lottery rolls, printed lottery coupons, continuous papers and business forms, the production of which is achieved by modern technological methods that also permit the possibility of using different security techniques.

The company holds a leading position in the domestic market, while showcasing at the same time a significant presence over the last years in overseas markets. To the recipients of our products are included banking institutions, multinational companies, public and private organizations as well as private businesses.

The long experience gained by our executives and the deep faith in their principles and visions represent the hallmark of credibility, trust and consistency, elements with which the company developed all these years and which constitute supplies for the future.