Special Safety Features

Special and safety inks

These inks are visible only under specific conditions.

The available options are:

  • thermochromic inks: they change color depending on the temperature
  • iridescent inks: they shimmer depending on the viewing angle
  • anti-scan inks: their imprint changes when scanning the document
  • anti-copy inks: their printing changes when printing
  • friction inks: they appear during the friction of the document with a sharp object

Special papers

Specially adapted for every need, provided with a watermark and/or fluorescent fibers.

Possibility of color display during their destruction.


Can be printed in all variations.


All kinds of holograms may be used for any application.


Cuttings permit the destruction of a label when attempting to remove it from a product.

Micro – printing

Can be used in all applications.

Hidden images

Hidden images and/or graphics may be printed according to your specifications.

Whatever you choose may be combined with all of our products.